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Ringling College Staircase

The Ringling College of Art & Design opened the state of the art Alfred R. Goldstein Library in January of 2017. The focal point of the interior is the staircase that rises through the heart of the library. OSSO Concrete Design was subcontracted by Willis Smith Construction to make GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) stair treads with integrated risers that ascend three stories high. Sweet Sparkman Architects designed the slate-colored staircase with over forty stairs, and four landings. The landings, weighing as much as 1,200 pounds each were OSSO’s greatest challenge using man power to maneuver each landing into perfect placement.

This was the first large-scale commercial stair project that OSSO completed, and it looks to be the first of many to come. The look and durability of concrete stairs seem to be features that people care about when designing staircases, and OSSO is being sought out for their talent, with many more stair projects on schedule for 2017.

Photo cred: Noah Sain Photography

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