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Sand Bar, Clearwater Beach

Located a short walk down the south end of Clearwater Beach you are likely to stumble upon a beachfront tiki bar, called the Sandbar. The Sandbar is a relaxed atmosphere behind Opal Sands Resort. OSSO Concrete Design was tasked with making custom bar tops from GFRC that will stand up to the harsh environment of salt and sand. The bar was made from ten pieces that span about 10 ft. each, incorporating a radius design. The custom grey color matches seamlessly from piece to piece. Most importantly, the UV resistant nature of GFRC is the best material choice as it will not discolor over time. The next time you visit Clearwater Beach, you should take a look at the Sandbar’s new concrete bartop, and while you are there you can sample a delicious variety of fresh Florida cuisine and experience cool cocktails

The Sandbar: 430 S Gulfview Blvd., Clearwater Beach, FL 33767

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Photo cred: Native House Photography


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